Friday, June 3, 2011

Pizza Magic

Pizza is magic, and not just for kids. Dough is so fun to knead, stretch, and smother with delicious things. We don't make homemade pizza often at our house, but when we do, it just feels special. Ms. Mina loves toppings: meat, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and full-fat mozzarella. Usually she fills up on toppings while making her pizza and barely touches the gooey goodness that comes out of the oven. The rest of us are okay with this, as her pizza makes a nice appetizer while we wait for ours to finish baking.

We don't use a pizza stone or anything fancy. I made my sauce tonight out of a can of tomatoes and some spices from the cupboard. But it doesn't matter. Pizza is usually delicious, especially if homemade.  Could it be better? Probably. But my family doesn't seem to think along those lines on pizza night. I guess we're swept up in the magic of the rising yeast dough.

My favorite recipe for dough is from Cooking Light, and I've never actually made it with the toppings they intend. I love the mix of cornmeal, whole wheat, and all-purpose flour in the recipe, and it's one I make again and again. You can find it here, and try it out for yourself: Let me know if you try the mushroom and Fontina topping, as I'd love to know how it is! The basics are always so satisfying, so we tend to play it pretty safe with pizza toppings around here.

Mina helped mix the dough today, which she loved. The combination of getting messy and cooking is a powerful one. I wasn't ready for her to stick her hands in, but there they were.

 Here we are topping Mina's own pizza. As you can see, she is stuffing cheese in her mouth by the handful.

And the finished product (the adult pizzas anyway, as hers disappeared too quickly to photograph).

As you can see, we are real people with a messy kitchen. We cook together, share hot pizza, and worry about the dishes later. It's magic.


Katiedidtoo said...

I am making pizza today! Dough is rising in the oven. Mmmmm mmmmm! I hope they turn out as good as yours did.

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