Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day

We have lived in Canada for nearly two years now, and the time has gone by so fast. We have learned to cook Canadian specialties like tourtiere and poutine, and eaten countless others (Nanaimo bars, butter tarts, pea soup, ice wine and more). I've even learned to understand and enjoy watching hockey and curling. I've been very excited about Canada Day finally being here and having the chance to celebrate all things Canadian. Of course, summer plans rarely turn out how we've planned them with a (nearly) three-year-old in the house. 

Last year we spent the whole of Canada Day in the emergency room. Mina had a dislocated elbow, the day was less than fun, and it was definitely not the festive day I had hoped. This year we thought we'd cook some special foods, attend a family fun festival of sorts, and watch the fireworks. I had high hopes of eating a beaver tail, a Canadian fried pastry often topped with sweet toppings like maple butter or chocolate-hazelnut spread . Mina, on the other hand, woke up on the grouchy/whiny/difficult side of the bed this morning, and has made all plans futile. But as Brian said, "It's definitely not our worst Canada Day ever." Yes, that was last year. Hopefully it will live on as the worst ever.

We filled up Mina's pool, put up her beach cabana in the backyard, and took long naps. We might not get our special foods made (especially since our trip to the grocery store did not happen as planned last night) and we might not go to any Canada Day events, but we can still listen to Rush and eat some Kraft Dinner. We're all healthy and the weather is gorgeous. Not the worst day Canada Day after all :)

Please share your plans for American Independence Day! We'll be celebrating that too, from just north of the border.


Brian said...

Too bad we didn't get a picture of Mina and her confused face in her beach cabana after she tipped it down the hill.

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