Monday, October 17, 2011

Recipe Review: Apple Pie Bars

Way back in August we celebrated my husband's 29th birthday with the help of my parents, and had almost a week of fun before I broke my wrist. This is one of those projects that I had intended to blog about in August, but just never got to. Since apples are in season now, it's an ideal time to try these apple-filled bars from Disney Family Fun magazine.
Let me first start by saying that although the recipe is geared towards kids cooking, this recipe for apple pie bars took us two adults and a toddler to complete, and was at times very frustrating. That being said, the results were actually fantastic, and when we make it again, we won't worry so much about the issues that arose.

Firstly, the dough for the apple pie bars is very sticky, and did not seem enough for the recipe that is made in a jelly-roll pan. Here is a photo of my mom attempting to cover the filling.
It never did cover the top, but we learned that it didn't matter, as it spread a tiny bit while it baked, and had a very nice and even top crust in the end, despite the thinness and holes. Here we are sprinkling on the sugar and cinnamon before baking:

 The bars right out of the oven (before glazing):

Mina glazing the apple pie bars:
The finished product:
As you can see, the glaze felt nice on the fingers, and was tasty as well :)

We liked them even better the second day.
As a whole, it's a good recipe, but maybe not the most appropriate for kids to make. Especially not for kids that like perfection or are easily frustrated. We loved the flavors, amount of sweetness, and the addition of corn flake crumbs to soak up some of the apple liquid and give it a bit of a toasty flavor. My husband is a huge fan of apple pie, and he absolutely loved these. We all thought they were phenomenal for breakfast the next day as well! So, give them a try, but don't sweat the small stuff. They'll be tasty no matter what.


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